Video/Tape Conversion

Digital Video Conversions

~ February 5, 2019 Convert Your Videotapes to Digital on USB Thumb Flash Drives It’s 2019, and more and more customers who are converting their precious videotapes are asking what the future holds.  Currently, about 70% of customers are still having their videotapes converted to DVDs…but that number is quickly shrinking.  The younger generation knows what DVDs are, but really don’t use them.

With the advent of smartphones, tablets, and paper-thin laptops, there is no room for dvd drives.  So how do these people watch videos?  usbAll digital, meaning in a file format that can be saved to a USB, Thumb, or Flash drive, as well as to an external hard drive.

At Treasure Coast Multimedia, we can convert and transfer your videotapes to the digital video format, typically the “MP4″format.  Why MP4?  It is easily compressed while keeping file sizes smaller, as well as being cross platform applicable – working on both PC’s and Mac’s.

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