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Digital Video Production

At Treasure Coast Multimedia,

we provide full video production services…

from Pre-Production to Distribution

Pre-Production - Scripting/Shooting Locations

Have an idea for a Video? With your content, we will help you develop a storyboard, outline, and final script. Once this is finalized, we will assist in choosing your shooting location(s)

Production - Videotaping

We use high quality video cameras for all productions. We include professional lighting, mics, and production values on all of our shoots. We shoot on location anywhere in Martin/St. Lucie counties (other surrounding areas possible). We also have a full studio, complete with head to toe green screen in our Stuart office.

Post Production - Editing and Graphics

We can take any video footage and complete a professional, polished video production. Utilizing the latest software, we can add custom transitions, music, voiceover, and custom graphics.

Distribution - Website, YouTube, Facebook...Many Others

Once your production is complete, the last step is getting it out to the masses properly. We will prepare you final video for showcase on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Your Website, and any other preferred platform. We can also give you a high quality version saved on a USB drive.

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Request More Information on your Video Project
If you have an idea Video Project, contact us at Treasure Coast Multimedia to discuss. We provide a free initial consultation to discuss your needs. During this consult, we will explore your idea, ask questions, and email you a proposal for the project.