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How to Move Family Videos from VHS to DVD

Do you have gorgeous, hilarious, and touching family videos that you’d like to move from VHS to DVD? Check out this post – we’re showing you how!

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Ask anyone under 20 what a VHS is and they might be able to tell you. Ask anyone under 15 and they will look at you like they’ve just be struck over the head with their XBox One.   The VHS is a thing of the past. Remember when they first came out and you had to figure out how to even run the player? It was an incredible thing to have movies at home and running on your television! But you can’t even buy VHS tapes at stores anymore. You have to go to and they are much more expensive now than DVDs and BluRays.   Plus, the tapes you already have will eventually fall apart or get caught in the old machinery of your VCR. So, you need to preserve what you already recorded. Old family videos and memories you don’t want to lose.   VHS to DVD is easier than it sounds. There are three main ways to accomplish this.  Let’s take a look.

1. VHS To DVD Recorder

So, take your old VCR. You probably either used Coaxial Cable or Composite cords to connect your VCR to your old television. A DVD recorder has composite inputs on the back. Composite is the red, white, and yellow cords used for connecting video and audio. Buy a DVD recorder. Or borrow one from a friend. If you are near a university or a library, check to see if they have the equipment for ready or cheap use. Since the composite cords are color coded, it should be easy to hook your VHS to DVD recorder. Just match the colors. Now, simply place the VHS tape in the VHS player, start the DVD recorder, then hit play on your VHS tape player. This will ensure you capture everything on the VHS tape.

2. DVD Recorder and VHS VCR Combination

For a short while, as we crossed from VHS tapes to DVD, companies made combination players. They still make combination machines, but these machines are made to make transferring VHS to DVD easier. With this setup, you don’t have to hook anything up. Just pop in the VHS and the DVD and you’re set. Unfortunately, while this is a much easier way to get things done. VHS/DVD recorders are becoming massively rare. Why is this happening? DVR and cable channels. They have conspired to make it next to impossible to record something permanent off your television. And DVDs can make some pretty high-quality copies of TV shows.

3. VHS to DVD Via PC

This may not appeal to someone who has a difficult time with computers. But it is the most popular and expedient way to record your VHS memories on DVD. You need a PC, a VHS player/VCR, an analog audio/video connector box and some software. In the end, this will be your cheaper option. But if you have an older PC, this process may take much longer than the previous two methods. With a newer computer, it will take less time.


One last way to convert VHS to DVD is to hire someone to do it for you. This is probably the easiest way to get the job done.   Contact us and let us know if you want your VHS memories preserved. We’ll make sure it’s done right and with quality.